News and notes about birds and conservation in California

California Condor. Photo: Scott Frier/USFWS

Feds make official their move to undermine Migratory Bird Treaty Act

The Trump Administration has put regulatory officials on notice that it will only prosecute intentional killing of birds -- leaving oil companies and others a broad path to destruction. This is a major assault on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, one of the oldest and strongest bird protection laws.

Prop 68 offers opportunity to revive Kern County gem
Vote For Prop. 68

Prop 68 offers opportunity to revive Kern County gem

Hart Park offers vital recreational opportunities for Kern County families, but it has fallen on hard times. Prop 68 can bring it back.

Tricolored Blackbird breeding season is underway

Tricolored Blackbirds have begun nesting and our biologists are out in the field making sure these rare birds have a chance to survive. Field Technician Kim Sawyer shot this short video at BLM's Atwell Island just a few days ago. If you would like to help us save this great California birds, please consider making a donation.

Volunteers are a driving force for conservation

Volunteers are a driving force for conservation

One Richardson Bay staff member talks about how important volunteers are to helping birds in San Francisco Bay.

Rosalie Howarth talks about Audubon California's Advocacy Day

Rosalie Howarth from Mount Diablo Audubon Society has been to three Audubon California Advocacy Days, and she wants you to join us on June 20 at the State Capitol to talk with lawmakers about birds and nature. More information here.

Egret Wine's sponsorship of Audubon California moves into 2018

We're greatly pleased to enter into a new year of Egret Wine's sponsorship of Audubon California. It's been a great relationship. To honor the occasion, the winery sent us this photo of a beautiful bud break in Sonoma at the family estate vineyard of Egret wines, marking the Spring launch of 2018 vintage.

Bud break on the Egret vineyard in Sonoma.

Desert Sun Ed Board lashes out at state for Salton Sea delays

Clearly, the Desert Sun has had it with the state's inability to get projects moving at the Salton Sea:

This harkens to the years of “one more study is needed” that we’d wearily grown accustomed to as we witnessed the sea’s long decline, which shifted into overdrive with the end of Colorado River water inflows at the close of 2017.

Still, it is shocking to hear this type of refrain so shortly after the state finally stepped up with its plan to fulfill its commitment to sea restoration under the 2003 Quantification Settlement Agreement that has shifted the water that had been replenishing the sea to thirsty urban customers.

Get to work, folks. Promises were made and the state cannot let the now more-rapidly receding sea spiral into an ecological and environmental disaster which will have effects far beyond its own shores.

What's happening to San Francisco Bay's Surf Scoters and other waterbirds?

Surf Scoters in flight. Photo: Andrew Reding

Interesting article looks at recent study attempting to identify why Surf Scoters and other waterbirds in San Francisco Bay are dwinding?

Creating a better future at the Salton Sea

Audubon Calfornia's Frank Ruiz talks about the need for the everyone to pull together to avert an ecological crisis at the Salton Sea -- to protect people and birds at the Salton Sea. Thanks to the Walton Family Foundation for putting this video together. Learn more about our work at the Salton Sea.

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