Be a good beach goer this nesting season

The Snowy Plover is one cute beach chick. Unfortunately, the Western Snowy Plover’s population numbers are anything but adorable. There are only about 2,300 birds remaining on our Pacific Coast and we need to make sure that they have a safe nesting season.

There are many things you can do to help. Allowing these small birds to remain in their breeding area, undisturbed, throughout the breeding season is most important. People should be able to enjoy the beach and there should be room for plovers to nest too. The idea is to "Share the Shore." This means having fun while protecting our natural environment at the same time. Remember that when a species goes extinct, it is gone forever.

If you'd like to volunteer as a beach steward to educate people about protecting the Western Snowy Plover, please click here.

How you can help, right now