Governor wants you to choose between offshore oil drilling and state parks

Remember that rumor we reported yesterday, that the Governor was going to propose cutting all General Fund support for state parks, and tie funding to the approval of new oil drilling off Santa Barbara? Well, it's not a rumor anymore. That's what he's asking for on Page 31 of his just-announced proposed budget. Here's the relevant text:

Fund State Parks from Tranquillon Ridge Oil Revenues — A reduction of $140 million in General Fund and replacement with revenue generated from the Tranquillon Ridge oil lease. It is estimated that the Tranquillon Ridge oil lease will generate $1.8 billion in advanced royalties over the next 14 years. This revenue will be used to fund state parks. The Governor’s Budget assumes that the State Lands Commission will approve the Tranquillon Ridge proposal. If not approved by the Commission, legislation will be necessary.

Tranquillon Ridge is the area off Santa Barbara where Texas-based PXP has been trying to get approval for new leases. No need to wonder why Audubon California and a host of other conservation organizations are supporting the 2010 State Park Initative to end this nonsense.

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