Join us at the Capitol: Audubon California’s March 11th Advocacy Day is fast approaching

When you are standing out at Consumes River Preserve or Staten Island watching Sandhill Cranes in the foggy wetlands and agricultural fields, it can seem a world away from the white walls of the Capitol Building. However different they may be, these two distant worlds are intimately connected through politics. Those Sandhill Cranes that you know and love need protected areas and water for habitat especially during this time of drought and many of the decisions around the allocation of precious resources like water and funding are made in the halls of our capitol.

Audubon members and supporters make up a passionate and vocal portion of our legislators' constituencies. As a collective, we have the ability to begin a serious conversation on why birds matter so that policy makers are held accountable. On March 11th, Audubon California  and Audubon chapter leaders will meet with local district representatives to address drought and water issues, and Audubon’s Climate report. Through this action, we hope to inspire and encourage key decision makers to value conservation and to vote for birds!

We invite you to partner with us on this important day of action. REGISTER HERE today or reach out to your local Chapter Network Manager for more information.

It’s safe to say that those reading this understand that Birds Matter. Our goal is to make sure the folks at the Capitol do, too.

Photo of Sandhill Cranes by John Carrel, Creative Commons

How you can help, right now