Salton Sea

Salton Sea Sunday campaign seeks to raise community awareness

Audubon California partners with faith-based groups to reach people who live in communities around the Salton Sea about issues related to the shrinking lake.

Representatives of churches around the Salton Sea gathered recently to discuss ways to speak to the community about issues related to shrinking lake.

In a new initiative that seeks to raise awareness in communities around the Salton Sea about the many challenges related to the rapidly shrinking lake, Audubon California is partnering with faith-based organizations on the Salton Sea Sunday campaign. The campaign will encourage local churches to devote one Sunday a month to discussing issues related to public health, economic opportunities, and the environment. Key partners for Audubon California are Pinnacle Forum, which includes Christian business leaders, and Luv 20-20, an influential Christian group. The campaign is actively seeking additional partners from across the faith spectrum.

Phil Rosentrater of the Salton Sea Authority addresses the group.

The new group held its second meeting last week in Coachella, bringing together representatives of 27 churches. Following a talk by Phil Rosentrater, executive director of the Salton Sea Authority, the group continued to map out plans for interacting with community members about the challenges around the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea Sunday campaign plans to hold these meetings every month with the intent of growing the campaign. Those looking to join the campaign are encouraged to email Audubon California’s Frank Ruiz.

Bryan Willians of Pinnacle Forum.

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