Tricolored Blackbirds spotted at San Bernardino Valley Audubon's restoration site

Recently Audubon California was alerted to the exciting news that Tricolored Blackbirds—over 400 males and even more females—descended upon San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society’s marshy pond restoration site, managed by board member and Tricolor champion, Dave Goodward. This event came as a surprise to those involved with the effort since they were not expecting to see results this season, due to the disturbing commotion that active habitat restoration requires. In this case, the birds proved assumptions wrong and settled in the dried cattail stalks at the pond’s edge. Dave is using opportunity for on the ground outreach, and has already met with multiple private landowners that have begun to notice the birds noisily foraging for nest materials around their properties. This small population, and potential colonies nearby, will be monitored with the hope that they nest successfully, and that this restoration site becomes sustainable habitat for years to come.

San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society began this Tricolored Blackbird restoration project in Newberry Springs last winter with support from Audubon California and funders who believe in the grassroots capabilities of Audubon chapters and conservation. Audubon California will continue to report details as they come. For now, check-out the San Bernardino Audubon website for information about an April 18th tour of the site , led by Dave Goodward.


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