Victory for the Northern Spotted Owl

California Fish and Game Commission votes in favor of state endangered species listing

Photo: USFWS

Back in April we asked you to send your comments to the California Fish and Game Commission imploring them to protect the Northern Spotted Owl. Well we did it! The Northern Spotted Owl is now listed under the California Endangered Species Act, bolstering its federal endangered species status. 

This is great news for a bird that is challenged daily by habitat loss, climate change, and other threats. Around 3,000 of you took the time to give a voice to this beautiful species and Audubon can't thank you enough.

The Northern Spotted Owl is one of three Spotted Owl subspecies. It makes its nest in the treetops or in tree cavities. Protecting this species also protects mature forest habitat and all the other species that make it their home.

We also want to extend my appreciation to EPIC, who filed the petition and wrote one of the more comprehensive conservation briefs we've ever seen.

How you can help, right now