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Bird enthusiasts across California ready for annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count Dec 8, 2014
California Fish and Game Commission votes in favor of emergency listing for Tricolored Blackbird Dec 3, 2014
Egging on Sea Duck Recovery: Scientists testing new method for boosting waterbird populations in Richardson Bay Nov 24, 2014
Audubon California strongly supports Prop. 1 Oct 8, 2014
Water bond provides hope for millions of migratory birds Aug 13, 2014
Legislature Urged to Include Resources for Birds and Watersheds in Water Bond Aug 5, 2014
California Fish and Game Commission considers emergency listing of Tricolored Blackbird Aug 4, 2014
Study shows nontoxic ammunition widely available throughout California Jul 28, 2014
Black Oystercatcher nest observed in Richardson Bay Jul 22, 2014
Endangered Species Act protections should be upheld for California Gnatcatcher Jun 25, 2014
Survey reveals 44% decline in rare Tricolored Blackbirds Jun 18, 2014
Attempt to defund water for refuges in House is an attack on California's migratory birds Jun 10, 2014
Feinstein and Boxer urged to stand firm against attacks on Central Valley birds and nature Jun 9, 2014
Potential amendments to Feinstein drought bill would create disaster for Central Valley birds and wildlife May 22, 2014
Attack on Central Valley refuge water is the wrong answer to the drought crisis May 21, 2014
Allocation for wildlife refuges in Governor’s May Revise is a step in the right direction for birds May 15, 2014
Audubon California displeased by Coastal Commission’s ruling on Monterey Shores Eco-resort Apr 11, 2014
Small allocations for wildlife refuges in 2014 drought plan signal a brutal year for migratory birds Apr 9, 2014
Threatened bird’s nest found in the site proposed for the Monterey Bay Shores Resort Apr 9, 2014
Water for wildlife refuges imperiled in 2014 water bond discussions Mar 24, 2014
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