Plumas Audubon Society talks grebes in a recent Sacramento Bee article

Jane Braxton Little writes about, "An avoidable catastrophe for nesting grebes." in the Sacramento Bee featuring Plumas Audubon Societies own David Arsenault and Audubon's Grebe Project.

It is often said that the sum is greater than its parts, and no where is that better seen than the six year partnership between Audubon California, Redbud, Altacal, and Plumas Audubon Societies to protect two of our favorite diving birds--Western and Clark's gebes. These chapters protect the breeding colonies of Western and Clark’s grebes from wayward kayakers, egg hungry crows, and falling water levels. Thanks to funding and support from the Luckenbach Trustee Council, the Grebe Team is able to monitor these sensitive populations, as well as conduct outreach and education in the communities where the birds are found.

We are happy to see that work done at Lake Almanor by Plumas Audubon Society, led by Executive Director David Arsenault, featured in the Sacramento Bee. Follow the link to read the excellent write-up:

Audubon chapters big and small make a significant contributions to conservation and to their communities. Interested in volunteering or becoming a member of Plumas Audubon Society? Their website can be found here:

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