Ventura Audubon SOARS again

The small but mighty southern California chapter scores another victory with the successful passage of Measure C.


Residents in Ventura County, like the rest of the state, voted on many measures earlier this month. One measure has enormous implications for open space in the region. Measure C extends SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) until 2050. SOAR protects important bird habitat by requiring a vote of the people before any new development or rezoning of open space or agricultural land.

Ventura Audubon supported Measure C and their president, Bruce Schoppe, signed the ballot argument. The chapter recruited volunteers to gather signatures for the ballot measures for the City of Ventura and the county. They also hosted a presentation about the SOAR program at one of their monthly meetings.

Ballot argument for Measure C signed by Ventura Audubon Society President Bruce Schoppe

This measure passed overwhelming, as did several companion measures in incorporated cities. Bruce says the results “demonstrate pretty conclusively that Ventura County residents don’t want to convert all the farms and open space that we still enjoy to housing tracts and shopping malls.”

Thanks to Ventura Audubon, birds and many other wildlife species will have a place in the county to breed, rest, and thrive. Ventura Audubon is involved in many other programs to protect birds and habitat and would love more volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please check out their website

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