Preparing the beach for plover nesting season

Ventura Audubon Society and the Oxnard City Corps have been hauling tons of invasive plants miles and removing and erecting new fences to prepare Ormond Beach for Western Snowy Plover nesting season. This Ventura County Star article describes the hard work being done by a small group of dedicated people who are committed to giving the plovers a better chance at raising their young this year. 

Cynthia Hartley, a biologist and the Vice President of Ventura Audubon, has been working with plovers for over 20 years. She has seen firsthand the challenges these little birds have to overcome every breeding season. "They're so tenacious. It's amazing everything they put up with," she said. "If we can protect them even a little bit, they'll come back and nest."

How you can help, right now