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Audubon California applauds Legislature's passage of Senate Bill 5

Senate Bill 5 will allow California voters to decide on critical funding for local regional, and state parks, as well as important conservation priorities, such as the Salton Sea.

Sacramento, Calif. - The following is a statement from Audubon California Public Policy Director Mike Lynes following this evening’s vote on Senate Bill 5 in the California State Assembly. 

“Audubon California applauds the California Legislature for passing Senate Bill 5. The important legislation will offer California voters the opportunity to invest $4 billion into local, regional, and state parks. It will also fund important conservation priorities, including critical funding for Salton Sea restoration, rivers and wetlands improvements, wildlife management, and ocean protection, which are vital for people, birds, and other wildlife to thrive. Audubon California applauds the leadership demonstrated by Senate Pro Tem De León, Speaker Rendon, and Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia in crafting the bond and guiding it through the Legislature.”

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