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Audubon California statement regarding proposed use of state cap-and-trade revenue

Funding reinforces value of natural and working lands in helping the state meet its global greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Audubon California today applauded a California State Senate proposal to spend $1.2 billion in cap-and-trade auction revenues to bolster communities that have long carried the burden of air pollution, as well as create new opportunities for clean transportation. Of particular interest are expenditures that protect wetlands, working lands, and forests that capture carbon; and urban greening projects to improve the health of people and wildlife in our cities.

“It makes good sense to spend the funds generated by California’s landmark climate legislation on programs that will advance the state further toward its emissions reduction goals, and provide relief for the communities that have carried the greatest burden from air pollution,” said Audubon California Director of Public Policy Mike Lynes. “We are pleased that the spending proposal recognizes the importance of natural and working lands in helping reach the state’s ambitious emissions reduction goals. These landscapes not only provide critical habitat for the birds and wildlife we care about, but they provide an essential service to our people, as well.”

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