Virtual Audubon Advocacy Day 2020

What's at Stake

We are excited to announce the Virtual Audubon Advocacy Day on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. We are disappointed that we can’t gather together at the State Capitol this year. But that won’t stop us from speaking up for birds and our communities!

Audubon California needs your help to speak up for birds and our communities. State legislators are making important decisions about budget cuts that could dramatically impact millions of birds, including California Quails, Snowy Plovers, Least Terns, Tricolored Blackbirds, California Towhees, Western Bluebirds, Acorn Woodpeckers, Swainson’s Hawk, Allen’s Hummingbirds, and dozens more. 

California must embrace climate resiliency and continue to resist the federal government’s rollbacks of essential environmental protections such as the Endangered Species Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

How it Works

On Tuesday, June 2, participants in Virtual Advocacy Day will be invited to join video conferences with elected officials from their regions. During these calls, we will talk about the issues and bills that are a top priority for Audubon, including migratory birds, climate, grassland habitats, and coastal resiliency. 

This is your chance to connect with state officials and make sure they hear from the Audubon network directly. Our staff will organize and facilitate the calls and provide you with all the information you need. Participant slots are limited so register today to secure your spot.

Advocacy Training Webinars

You are invited to join our online workshops to build skills in digital and remote advocacy and to dive deeper on key issues related to climate change, birds, and our communities. We will provide recordings of all webinars to registered participants.

Webinar Schedule:

  • May 13: Virtual Advocacy Day 101: Skills and Tips for Remote and Digital Advocacy. Audubon staff will share tools for how to participate in impactful virtual advocacy and introduce our advocacy theme on climate reslience for birds and communities.
  • May 20: Climate Changes in the Central Valley –Action Now to Secure Future Water and Habitat for People and Birds.Audubon’s Central Valley team, including our Director of Land and Water Conservation Meghan Hertel, will discuss the challenges and opportunities for building conservation and climate resilience in California’s Central Valley.
  • May 22: California Coasts & Climate Change – Building Resilience and Accessibility for People and Birds.  Director of Bird Conservation Andrea Jones and Marine Program Director Anna Weinstein will offer the latest science and policy news about how our coastal and marine ecosystems are facing growing challenges from climate change, and why action is needed now to mitigate future climate crises. 
  • May 29: Preparation for Virtual Advocacy Day:  Join us from 12-1 pm to review the agenda for Virtual Advocacy Day, priority legislation, and our talking points. Register for this webinar now >>

Missed the webinars? Watch the recordings on YouTube 

Virtual Advocacy Toolkit

The Virtual Advocacy Toolkit is intended to help you increase your comfort talking about the impacts that climate change on birds and using tools to engage in advocacy, especially remote advocacy during this time when in-person meetings are not safe or practical.

While this was provided to help participants in our Advocacy Day on June 2, 2020, we hope you will find talking points, tips, and tools that you can apply any time in your advocacy.

Download the Toolkit Now>>

Thank you for joining us to speak up for birds and our communities and for all you do for Audubon.

Tools for Advocacy

How you can help, right now