Virtual Audubon Advocacy Day 2022

Raise your voice for for birds and our communities.

American Kestrel Photo: Kristen Mauzy

Audubon Virtual Advocacy Day is on August 3, 2022. State legislators are making decisions that could save millions of birds and increase access to nature for all Californians. Audubon members are meet with legislators to advocate for bird-friendly legislation via ZOOM. It’s easy, fun, and makes a BIG difference!

Note: Registration for Audubon Virtual Advocacy Day is now closed. 

What's at Stake

This year, Audubon is sponsoring essential environmental protections such as the Equitable Outdoor Access Act (AB30), California Conservation Ranching Incentive Program (SB977), and Light Pollution Control (AB2382). Learn more about these bills here.

We all have the right to nature. That’s why the Equitable Outdoor Access Bill (AB30) will expand access to nature for all Californians, especially low-income and people of color who are two-thirds more likely to live in nature-deprived areas than white people in California. 

Our grassland birds are the most imperiled in California. The California Conservation Ranching Incentive Program (SB977) will protect habitat for the American Kestrel, Western Meadowlark, Grasshopper Sparrow, Acorn Woodpecker, and California Quail.

The Light Pollution Control bill (AB2382) ensures safe passage for birds that migrate by the stars.  Every day in the U.S., one million birds die from collisions with buildings or structures as a result of outdoor night lighting. Reducing artificial night light can prevent 60% of bird collisions!

Your voice matters. These bills are game-changers for California's birds and communities. We look forward to advocating with you!

How it Works

Participants in Virtual Advocacy Day will be invited to join video conferences with elected officials from their regions. During these calls, we will talk about the issues and bills that are a top priority for Audubon, including equitable outdoor access, conservation ranching, and light pollution.

This is your chance to connect with state officials and make sure they hear from Audubon members directly. Our staff will organize and facilitate the calls and provide you with all the information you need. 

Check out our Virtual Advocacy Toolkit with information on what to expect during your meetings with elected officials and our talking points for Audubon’s priority legislation. We also included sample social media posts.

Meeting Agenda

Below is a sample agenda for your meetings with legislators. Each meeting will be hosted by an Audubon staff member, who will provide the Zoom meeting and facilitate the meeting. Most meetings will be between 20-30 minutes. 

1. Audubon participants sign onto the Zoom conference line 15 minutes ahead of the meeting schedule. 

2. Introductions: invite the legislator or legislative office staffer to introduce themselves. For large groups (more than 6 Audubon participants), we encourage everyone to introduce themselves in the chat. For smaller groups, you may take time for everyone to say their name and chapter affiliation (if any).

3. Discussion of why the top issues that impact birds and our communities are important to you.

4. Wrap-up and thank youInvite the legislator or legislative staffer to a bird walk or another event.

Tips on Speaking with Legislators

In general, meetings with legislators are brief, so speakers should make sure every moment counts. A few key tips are:

  • Lead with what is important. Start with main points, then give background if appropriate and there is time.
  • Less is more. Stick to simple, clear messages and repeat them often.
  • Use plain language. Avoid overly technical terms, jargon, or acronyms.
  • Be responsive. Listen to the questions posed and let the discussion have a natural flow, but make sure you deliver the main message.

How you can help, right now