News and notes about birds and conservation in California

California Condor. Photo: Scott Frier/USFWS

When the California Condor flew above Southern California

California Condors over Southern California

Vintage photographs from 1906 document when the great birds flew over Los Angeles and Pasadena.

YES on Prop 67!

Audubon California's Brigid McCormack was among the group that visited the Salton Sea this week to look at birds and take a look at new efforts to create habitat. Among the 82 species the group saw in two days was a Little Blue Heron, Verdin, and Phenopepla.

Making a place for everybody in the Audubon movement

Making a place in the Audubon movement for everybody

Audubon California is working to make its staff and network more representative of the state's diverse population.

The birds of the Salton Sea need our help
Salton Sea

The birds of the Salton Sea need our help

Actress and conservationist Jane Alexander recalls her first birding trips to California's largest lake.

We love this great video about the terrific work that the Yosemite Area Audubon Society is doing to install and monitor nestboxes in Madera, Mariposa, and Merced counties. In this fourth year of the program, the chapter has passed 1,100 fledglings to date.

A quick message from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Makana, the Laysan albatross: Please vote Yes on Prop 67, and No on Prop 65!

How you can help, right now