Salton Sea

Speak up for action at the Salton Sea

Lend your voice to the many thousands of others asking the State of California to address the mounting public health and environmental crisis at the Salton Sea.
Sunset over the Salton Sea. Photo: Nate2b

Dust from the Salton Sea is causing serious health problems for hundreds of thousands of people who live nearby. It is also harming the region's economy and disrupting the environment. It is well past time for the State of California to keep the promise it made to protect the people of the Imperial Valley from this disaster and begin work on projects to control airborne dust and restore the environment.

Please send an email to Gov. Jerry Brown asking him to direct the State Department of Resources to begin work immediately to solve the problem.

As water has been diverted away from the Salton Sea in recent years, more shoreline has been exposed, releasing huge clouds of toxic dust into the air that our families breathe. Habitat for birds and other wildlife is deteriorating. Beginning on Dec. 31, the Sea will get even less water, exposing as much as a hundred square miles of lakebed by 2030, severely degrading air quality for the 1.6 million people that live in the region.

When the state agreed to the water diversions fifteen years ago, it agreed to do the restoration projects that would prevent ecological disaster. But in that time, it has not broken ground on a single project.

In recent months, the state released a draft management plan and it is about to agree to a new timeline for action. Last year, money was set aside for work at the Salton Sea, and still more funding will be included in a parks and water bond going before voters in June.

But none of this will mean anything unless the state proves that it is willing and able to do the work on the ground. Paper and promises mean nothing until that happens.

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