Salton Sea

Encouraging the state to keep its promise on the Salton Sea

As the state tries to find a way to avoid an ecological disaster at the Salton Sea, local residents raise their voices.

With a critical end-of-the-year deadline hanging over the Salton Sea, California policy makers are trying to do a lot of things at once.

First, state officials are expected to release a revision of the 10-year management plan for the Salton Sea that they released in April. This new document is expected to be much more specific than the previous one. Second, the state Water Resources Control Board yesterday heard testimony on a proposed agreement between the state and the Imperial Irrigation District that will commit California officials to certain work on the ground.

Last, negotiations are ongoing among state legislators about including funding for Salton Sea restoration in a proposed water and parks bond for the 2018 ballot. This decision has great potential, as it would signal a commitment by the state to put real dollars behind its promises for the Salton Sea.

While all this is happening, the environmental situation at the Salton Sea worsens. We thought we'd share some of the voices of people who live in Coachella:

This is Laura:

This is Merisa. A partial translation of her words is "You know that the crisis at the Salton Sea is a big problem for us that is affecting us in many ways. In health there are many respiratory problems, I am a person suffering from respiratory problems."

And Frank:

How you can help, right now