Fire again hits the Audubon Bobcat Ranch

Cold Fire is the third blaze to reach Audubon's woodland sanctuary in recent years.

Backfire on the Audubon Bobcat Ranch. Photo: Dash Weidhofer

The newest of California's eight current brushfires reached Audubon California property last night, and has burned approximately 1,500 acres. The Cold Fire started last night around 5 p.m. and spread quickly into the same footprint as 2014's Monticello Fire. At present, no Audubon staff have been harmed or are in danger, and no structures on the sanctuary are threatened. We are working closely with CalFire to coordinate efforts.

While we worry about damage to the sanctuary's infrastructure (ie fencing, buildings, etc), we're less worried about the habitat. As long as the fire doesn't burn too hot, the native grasses and oaks should recover quickly. Still, fires like this bring a lot of uncertainty and we're doing our best to protect the property.

More photos from the fire:

Photo: Dash Weidhofer
Photo: Dash Weidhofer

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