Protecting the Western Snowy Plover

Audubon chapters up and down the West Coast are partnering with state and federal agencies to protect the Threatened Western Snowy Plover. As you can see in the video below, it's an amazing bird:

Our colleagues at the National Audubon Society are going all out with plovers in the next few weeks, and they've set up some amazing online features, including a great story map called Beating the Odds, which tells the story of the Piping Plover. Check out Audubon's Plover Central for more information, including stories about heroes who are helping plovers all around the country.

But Western Snowy Plovers aren't the only plovers we have out here on the West Coast. Our friends at Audubon Alaska remind us that the Pacific Golden Plover is a terrific bird. Here's an article on the Pacific Golden Plover written by Audubon Alaska's Beth Peluso.

And don't forget the mysterious Mountain Plover, which we'll talk about much more in the coming days.

How you can help, right now