Western Snowy Plover

You can help Western Snowy Plovers on California beaches

There are several steps you can take to help this beautiful threatened bird.

Our friends at California State Parks captured this video of the first nesting Western Snowy Plover of the season at Oceano Dunes State Park.

Western Snowy Plover breeding season is ramping up on California beaches. While this bird is making a comeback, it is still listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act because of the many challenges its small population faces. You can help by taking some of the following steps:

  1. Respect the fences and signs, and stay outside of areas roped off for breeding Snowy Plovers
  2. Keep dogs on leash, or away from the beach. Or consider a dog-friendly beach.
  3. Organize a trash cleanup or just pick up trash! Participate in annual Coastal Clean up Day.
  4. Do not release balloons.
  5. Avoid use of loud or large flying things that snowy plovers perceive as predators: drones, fireworks, kites, etc.
  6. Volunteer with your local coastal Audubon chapter.
  7. Grab your scope or binoculars and enjoy watching Western Snowy Plovers scurrying along the beach searching for insects or tending their young
  8. Educate others about these amazing birds and encourage people to Share the Shore with birds

We've got more information on Western Snowy Plover conservation here.

How you can help, right now