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Prop. 68 will support parks, clean water, and all kinds of conservation across the Golden State

Prop. 68 will create more opportunities for Californians to enjoy the great outdoors.

Audubon California has long fought to protect California’s birds and natural landscapes – and encourage more people to experience these treasures – and that is why our organization emphatically supports Proposition 68 -- the California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act. The measure will go before voters on June 5.


This critical opportunity comes at a time when millions of Californians don’t have access to safe parks, trails, and recreation areas. Demand for local parks has exceeded available funding by a factor of 8-to-1, with particularly high need in urban, disadvantaged communities.

Moreover, the cycle of drought and extreme weather is already taking a toll on California’s natural treasures, and threatened our communities with flooding and ecological degradation. These same forces have also exposed our state’s antiquated water infrastructure, bringing into doubt our ability to provide clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to our residents.

Lastly, with most of the bond funding for vital conservation programs running out in the last few years, it is time for Californians to make the next investment in the protection of the natural resources that have made us the envy of the world.

The opportunity

Audubon California was part of a broad coalition of organizations working closely with lawmakers to put the $4 billion parks and water bond on the June 5, 2018, primary ballot in California. The California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act will support of parks, protect natural resources and wildlife, increase drought and flood protection, and supply safe, clean water throughout the state.

The parks and water bond includes funding for a broad array of conservation priorities:

$2.83 billion for parks and natural resources funding

  • Investments in park-poor neighborhoods
  • Much-needed maintenance for state parks
  • Trails and creek restoration
  • Funding for critical restoration at the Salton Sea

$1.27 billion for water reliability

  • Clean drinking water projects
  • Groundwater clean-up and sustainability
  • Flood protection, including multi-benefit flood projects

$767 million for state conservancies

  • Vital landscape-scale conservation work
  • Ocean, bay, and coastal protection

$442 million for climate adaptation

  • Projects to ensure habitat connectivity
  • Collaborations on climate-smart farm practices
  • Rivers and waterways restoration

Prop. 68 will greatly improve access to California's great outdoors.

The latest news

Prop 68 will help fill a huge need for parks in California

Marcos Trinidad at the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles and Robert Snow of Fresno Audubon make the case that Prop 68 will help fill the need for parks and park repairs in their communities and throughout California. Let us know that you're a YES on Prop. 68.

10 ways that birds will benefit from Proposition 68
Vote For Prop. 68

10 ways that birds will benefit from Proposition 68

Of course the measure will have all sorts of benefits for Californians, but let's just talk about birds for a minute.

Fresno Audubon supports Proposition 68

Fresno Audubon is one of more than 30 Audubon chapters supporting Proposition 68. Chapter President Robert Snow talks about how his community needs more parks so everyone can have a chance to enjoy birds and nature. Let us know that you're a YES on Prop. 68.

Los Angeles Times endorses Prop 68

The Los Angeles Times goes big today with a strong endorsement of Proposition 68. Let us know that you're a YES.

Prop 68 offers opportunity to revive Kern County gem
Vote For Prop. 68

Prop 68 offers opportunity to revive Kern County gem

Hart Park offers vital recreational opportunities for Kern County families, but it has fallen on hard times. Prop 68 can bring it back.

Citing multiple benefits to conservation, Audubon California strongly supports Proposition 68

Citing multiple benefits to conservation, Audubon California strongly supports Proposition 68

— $4 billion bond measure on the June ballot will provide critical funding for parks, habitat, clean water, and the Salton Sea.

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