State needs to step up work at the Salton Sea

The California Water Resources Control Board yesterday heard a presentation from state officials on their progress toward meeting their goals for habitat restoration and dust control at the Salton Sea. According to an agreement completed late last year, the state must complete work on 500 acres by the end of the year, but there is little indication that it will reach even that modest goal.

Micheal Lynes, Audubon California's policy director, had this to say after the hearing:

"The deterioration of the Salton Sea continues, and the rate of progress on the Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP) is not keeping up with the rapidly changing conditions. We encourage the State Water Resources Control board to work closely with state officials to ensure that upcoming deadlines are met– including constructing 500 acres’ worth of projects at the sea by the end of 2018.”

Michael Cohen, senior associate at the Pacific Institute, added:

"While the state has taken some steps towards implementing the Salton Sea Management Program, the rate of the progress is not nearly enough to keep up with the sea's decline. It is imperative that the State Water Resources Control Board hold the state to its commitment to build habitat and dust control projects at the Salton Sea, this year.”

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