Policy action on climate change

As much as research and conservation will play a role in protecting birds and habitat from the immense challenges posed by climate change, many of the most important solutions will be won in the policy arena. For this reason, Audubon California is aggressively working to encourage lawmakers and other key leaders to implement policies that will help ensure that the birds and nature we enjoy today are here tomorrow.

To this end, much of Audubon California's work builds on Assembly Bill 32, landmark legislation signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger in 2006 that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. This historic step helped put climate change on the national agenda, and has spurred action by many other states. Last year, Audubon California partnered with other conservation organizations to make sure that the state implemented this legislation in a way that allowed for the continued protection of birds, wildlife, and habitat. Part of this effort was to make lawmakers aware of how our state's great natural resources can play a critical role in our efforts to reduce emissions.

Thanks to these efforts, California has an implementation plan for AB 32 that includes a strong role for forest conservation and carbon offset programs. Now, Audubon California is working with many of these same partners to pass legislation that addresses climate change adaptation - ensuring that wildlife and ecosystems survive the impacts of climate change.

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