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Audubon Adventures

Audubon's award-winning environmental education program can be implemented in any classroom or after-school program.

Designed for teachers and students in grades 3 - 5, Audubon Adventures offers top-quality nonfiction material from the environmental experts at the National Audubon Society. With captivating hands-on activities, students learn that we all have a personal stake in the health of the environment and play an important role in its preservation and improvement. Audubon Adventures has designed classroom materials specifically for Sharing our Shores, including a Student Magazine (available below for download) and Classroom guide for the teacher. 

Student Magazine Part 1

Student Magazine Part 2

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Educational Resources

Download educational resources for the Western Snowy Plover, including a lesson plan from San Diego Audubon, a coloring workbook, vocabulary guide, crossword puzzle, word search, a field notebook, and a pamphlet about the importance of kelp wrack.  All files are in PDF format.

Lesson Plan - Sharing Our Shores

How to make beach signs and host an art contest

How to Make a Snowy Plover Chick

Coloring Book

Vocabulary Guide

Crossword Puzzle (and Solutions)

Word Search (and Solutions)

Field Notebook

Learn about Kelp Wrack

Thank you to Los Angeles Audubon and Ventura Audubon for these materials.

The Snowy Plover and You - Educational Video by Michael Love (downloadable)

Downloadable Beach Signs

These signs, created by Morro Coast Audubon Society, were painted by children who, after learning about snowy plovers, used their art and creative talents to encourage the public to Share the Shore and do their part to help protect plovers. Signs are strung along "symbolic fencing" with regulatory signs in habitat areas to educate the public about nesting birds.  Click on the links to download them for use in your community,

Download full-size version

Download full-size version

Download full-size version

Download full-size version

Download full-size version

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