Thousands of Tricolored Blackbird nests at risk on dairy farms right now

Thousands of Tricolored Blackbird nests at risk on dairy farms right now

Samantha Arthur shot this photo of a Tricolored Blackbird nesting colony in Fresno County yesterday. If we're going to save this species, we need to make sure that every colony is protected. Photo: Samantha Arthur

We just received word from the field from Samantha Arthur that our staff has identified about 35,000 to 45,000 Tricolored Blackbird nesting on dairy farms in Kern, Tulare, and Merced counties. Those numbers are likely to change a little as the nesting season continues, but it's important to understand that each and every one of these nests is in danger of being destroyed unless we're able to strike agreements with farmers to delay harvest until the chicks have fledged. Thankfully, we're better prepared for this possibility than ever before. We're working closely with the dairy industry and government agencies to identify nesting colonies and get them protected.

This work is difficult and is more important now than ever. Tricolored Blackbirds are in a steep decline, so every colony is vital to the survival of the species. The California Fish & Game Commission recently made it a candidate for listing under the state Endangered Species Act. Learn more about the species here.

Please consider making a donation to our Tricolored Blackbird campaign. Every dollar of your contribution goes into preserving a future for this important California bird.

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