Sacramento, Calif. – Audubon California today extended its deep appreciation for State Water Resources Control Board Chair Felicia Marcus as Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that she will not be reappointed to the board on which she has served since 2012, and chaired since 2013.

“Felicia Marcus brought stability, credibility, and a science-based approach to the State Board’s decision-making,” said Sarah Rose, Executive Director of Audubon California. “She dug deep on complex issues and tried to resolve them in a way that addressed the needs and concerns of all stakeholders. She exemplified how regulatory bodies like the State Board should operate.”

Newsom announced that Marcus will be replaced by Joaquin Esquivel, current State Water Resources Control Board member.

“While we are sad to see Marcus go, we applaud the Governor’s decision to elevate Esquivel to Chair the Board as Felicia Marcus steps down,” Rose added. “Joaquin Esquivel has demonstrated the kind of deep understanding and fair-minded approach that the State Water Resources Control Board will have to apply in order to resolve the large and contentious issues before. He understands that the Board has an important role to play in overcoming statewide challenges like clean drinking water, conserving watersheds, and protecting people and wildlife across the state including the Salton Sea.”

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