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Signing of Assembly Bill 1482 marks a historic step toward preparing California for the challenges of a changed climate

Bill calls for a coordinated adaptation response from state agencies to the changes brought about by global warming.

San Francisco, CA – With the Governor’s signature on new legislation that will require a coordinated response from state agencies to the changes brought about by global warming, California is making a bold investment in the protection of its communities and its environment, said representatives of Audubon California today. Assembly Bill 1482, authored by Assembly Member Richard Gordon and sponsored by Audubon California, will require the Natural Resources Agency and the Strategic Growth Council to oversee and coordinate state agency and department actions to adapt to climate change impacts.

“Knowing that climate change will have a significant impact on our quality of life in California, developing a sensible strategy to adapt to these changes just makes good sense,” said Audubon California Executive Director Brigid McCormack. “This approach will save California billions of dollars down the road, and help us take advantage of opportunities to protect communities and the environment right now that might exist down the road.”

Much of the talk around climate change centers around the necessary goal of reducing the global greenhouse gases that cause global warming. But the other side of the coin is the need to prepare for the changes that are already occurring, and that will continue to occur, as a result of climate change. Rising sea levels, the shifting snowpack, and extreme weather events will have significant impacts on people. Future droughts will be more frequent and severe due to climate change.

“The only prudent course is to take action now toward adaptation even as we continue to work to mitigate global greenhouse gas emissions,” added McCormack. “I want to thank the Governor for continuing his leadership on climate through his signature of this important bill, and for Assembly Member Gordon for guiding this important measure through the Legislature.”

Audubon California believes that both the Natural Resources Agency and Strategic Growth Council are crucial to the implementation of a statewide climate adaptation strategy. Both agencies administer several statewide climate change programs.

Audubon recently released the results of a seven-year study demonstrating that 314 North American birds will be at greater risk of extinction due to climate change over the next 80 years, including 170 bird species that occur in California. Birds are excellent indicators of environmental health.

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