How you can Help

How you can help black oystercatchers


Four ways you can help Oystercatchers now:

  • While you enjoy our rocky intertidal areas. You can help Oystercatchers by watching and listening for their alarm calls in the spring and summer, when they nest on rocks, islets, and sometimes mainland areas. If you think you are near a nest, leave the immediate area where they are likely defending their nest and brood. And just enjoy this handsome, territorial marine shorebird! 
  • Join Team Oystercatcher! Tell others about oystercatchers and how to protect them. Share a fact sheet in English or Spanish. Hand out a Rock Star Bird magnet.
  • Volunteer as a productivity monitor. If you are interested in annual spring & summer nest monitoring, contact Anna Weinstein, marine program manager for Audubon California, who will put you in touch with a Regional Coordinator. Or, if you are a member of Mendocino Coast, Madrone, Golden Gate, Marin, or Monterey Audubon you can contact that chapter’s conservation staff for next steps.
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How you can help, right now