California Chapter Network

Audubon California has a network of 49 local chapters throughout the State of California.

Members of Mendocino Coast Audubon Society

Audubon California has a network of 49 local chapters throughout the State of California where Audubon members and their families can enjoy and protect local birds and nature.

Audubon chapters provide

  • Recreational activities in nature for both adults and school age children
  • Monthly educational programs about birds and nature
  • Weekly field trips to California’s Important Bird Areas, California State Parks, and other unique natural areas
  • International trips to natural areas
  • Volunteer opportunities for families
  • Friendships with others who love nature and the environment
  • Educational nature programs for school age kids
  • A voice for protection of the environment and nature with local city, county, and state officials and agencies

Map Instructions:

The map above shows the territories of Audubon chapters in California.  Use it to find a chapter near you.  To see the name, meeting location, and website of a chapter, simply click anywhere within its territory, and a box will appear with these details.  You can navigate to a specific address by typing it in the "Find address or place" box at the top, or you can explore on your own.  Click and drag inside the map to move around.  Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out.  The map may take a few moments to load.

More Information:

Click on Centers and Chapters in the navigation menu on the right to find, join, donate to, or learn about activities at a chapter near you.

For additional information about Audubon chapters in California, please contact:

Gregoriah Hartman, Network Action Manager, National Audubon Society