Important Bird Areas

California IBA interactive site map

Check out our interactive map of California Important Bird Areas.

Click here for a larger version of an Interactive Map of IBAs in California and other states.

Zoom to a particular IBA using the Bookmarks drop-down menu. Turn on and off map layers using the Layers drop-down menu.

This map was recently updated in June 2015 and includes links to the IBA site report, site summary, and a current bird list by IBA boundaries generated daily from eBird.

To learn more about Important Bird Areas data and methodology, click here.

A lot of work went into this. We have a few people we'd like to thank.
Andrea JonesDirector of Bird Conservation for Audubon California
Connie Sanchez, Director of IBA Program, National Audubon Society
Contact information for IBA coordinators in other states or regions:

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