Salton Sea

Salton Sea Information and Resources

Audubon CA at the Salton Sea
Audubon CA at the Salton Sea
Salton Sea

Salton Sea Information and Resources

The Salton Sea is one of the most important places for birds along the Pacific Flyway. The ongoing dynamic changes impacting the Sea put important bird habitats as well as human health at risk. Audubon California is committed to helping address some of the immense challenges of the Salton Sea, preserving the habitats that remain and improving conditions for birds, wildlife and people.

Below are data and resources to learn about the habitats and changes happening at the Salton Sea. Along with Audubon’s contributions to these resources there are many external resources from a diverse array of groups working on many of the important and complex issues at the Salton Sea.

Audubon Resources

Web Applications and Maps

Salton Sea Public Access Suitability Interactive Web Application

A large full version of the Salton Sea Conservation And Landscape Change resource and web mapping application. 

Audubon’s interactive Salton Sea Birding Trails application.
Printable Salton Sea Bird Viewing Areas map (English)
Printable Salton Sea Bird Viewing Areas map (Spanish)
Audubon California’s Salton Sea Waterbird Surveys – 2017 vs. 2018
Salton Sea Fact Sheet – It’s Time to Secure the Future of the Salton Sea


Biofilm as a Food Resource for Shorebirds at the Salton Sea

Assessing Landscape Suitability for Public Access at the Salton Sea

Salton Sea Public Access Community Survey – Key Findings from a Survey of Salton Sea Area Community Members

Status of Birds at the Salton Sea

Identifying Existing Areas for Habitat Protection/Enhancement and Dust Suppression Projects on the Salton Sea Exposed Playa

Quantifying Bird Habitat at the Salton Sea: Informing The State of California’s Salton Sea Management Plan


Coming soon!

Additional NGO and Non-profit Resources


Current Information Updates – Pacific Institute


Pacific Institute Reports

Hazard’s Toll: The Cost of Inaction at the Salton Sea (2014)

Hazard: The Future of the Salton Sea with No Restoration Project (2006)

Haven or Hazard: The Ecology and Future of the Salton Sea (1999)

NGO/Non-Profit/Agency/Other Collaborative Resources

State of the Salton Sea

Salton Sea Summit – 2019 Proceedings

State of the Salton Sea – A science and monitoring meeting of scientists for the Salton Sea (2017)

Air Quality Monitoring

IVAN Air Monitoring

Water District and Consultant Firm Resources


Salton Sea Hydrological Modeling and Results

Imperial Irrigation District Air Quality Mitigation

Government Agencies


Salton Sea Management Program Phase I: 10-Year Plan (2018)

Annual Report on Salton Sea Management Program (2020)

Salton Sea Ecosystem Monitoring Project (2009)

Salton Sea Salinity Control Research Project (2004)

Agency Data

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Water Quality Data (2004 – 2018)

Agency Salton Sea Links

Salton Sea Management Program         

California Natural Resources Agency

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Department of Water Resources

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

U.S. Geologic Survey

Habitat and Dust Mitigation Projects

Species Conservation Habitat (SCH)

Red Hill Bay

Torres Martinez Wetland Project

Salton Sea Air Quality Mitigation Program

Salton Sea Management Draft Program Dust Suppression Action Plan (2020)

Salton Sea Management Program Dust Suppression Projects Action Plan

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