Installing Bird Boxes

Attract birds to your property by installing boxes.

Approximately 23 species of California birds are secondary cavity nesters. A secondary cavity nester is a bird that uses natural cavities or holes excavated by other species, or in our case a box provided by a human. Populations of many of these species have declined in recent times as over-gardening and clean farming have eliminated naturally occuring nesting opportunities like snags. By providing birds in your area a box, you can help these species recover. Birds are very beneficial to your farm or ranch. They act as natural pest-control and also help with pollination. The primary species in California that use boxes include owls, krestels, and songbirds. Below are some simple things to help make your bird box a succes:

Barn Owl Boxes

Western Bluebird Boxes

Ash-throated Flycatcher Boxes

Tree Swallow Boxes 

House Wren Boxes

White-breasted Nuthatch Boxes

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