Salton Sea

Audubon California and EDF applaud efforts of So Cal water agencies to complete Drought Contingency Plan

Drought Contingency Plan will bring important water stability to entire region, for the benefit of birds and communities

Sunset over the Salton Sea. Photo: Nate2b

Audubon California joined with EDF today to issue a letter to the Southern California water agencies working to overcome the final obstacles to completing the Drought Contingency Plan for the  lower Colorado River Basin. The letter opens:

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Audubon publicly acknowledge and applaud the significant efforts of Southern California water agencies in working to finalize the Colorado River Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan agreements (DCP) over the past several years.  The DCP is a critically important step forward to protect the communities, economy, and environment across the basin.  We strongly support completion of the DCP ...

... As we all near the finish line, we appreciate that there are outstanding concerns about the Salton Sea. We urge the California agencies and federal partners to continue the spirit of collaboration they adopted in drafting the DCP to face this challenge as well. Working together creatively and constructively, we can overcome the obstacles that have slowed progress in implementing the Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP) and ensuring ample funding for projects that will make a difference for people and the environment at the Salton Sea. ...

View the full letter here.

Audubon supports the completion of the Drought Contingency Plan because it is urgent to protect the people and wildlife that depend on Colorado River flows from catastrophic water shortages. Learn more about the final efforts to pass this important agreement.

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