Important news about migratory bird protection

Audubon California is shifting its strategy to pursue lasting protections for birds outside of the Legislature

Audubon California is leading efforts in the state to ensure ongoing protection for migratory birds in response to the Trump Administration’s announcement that it will no longer enforce key provisions of the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Our efforts this year have included passage of Proposition 68, increased funding for essential programs at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and sponsoring Assembly Bill 2627. Today, we are closer than ever to our goal of lasting protection for our migratory birds.

At this stage, our strategy takes its next step. Assemblymember Kalra, Audubon California, and our partners have determined that our work to protect migratory birds will best move forward through discussions outside of the Legislature, in ongoing conversations with the Governor’s office, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and interested stakeholders to ensure effective policies are in place to protect California’s birds. In keeping with this strategy, AB 2627 will not move forward this year.

Together with AB 2627’s author, Assemblymember Ash Kalra, we were successful to raising awareness about the importance of protecting migratory birds with elected and appointed officials in the Legislature and the Brown Administration, as well as with key stakeholders. We were able to secure broad support among lawmakers and Californians across the state. In the end, this bill helped drive important discussions on how together we can protect California’s migratory birds in the state, and how these protections also protect people, communities, and our natural landscapes. 

Audubon California is grateful for the incredible leadership by Assemblymember Kalra, and partnership with his staff on this important effort. We are looking forward to continued work with members of the Legislature and partners, representatives for agriculture, utilities, and renewable energy developers towards a productive outcome.

We are confident that those in charge of setting the state’s wildlife policies share our goal of protecting and conserving California’s migratory birds even as the federal government retreats from its environmental responsibilities.

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