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A Legacy for California’s Future

Maria Biasetto's legacy gift inspires others to include Audubon California in their estate plans.

There were few things, if any, that Maria Biasetto loved more than animals. She fed the birds around her Sonoma home well, and she supported several non-profits that cared for pets and wildlife.

Born in 1926 and having immigrated from Italy nearly penniless after WWII, Maria worked tirelessly to build a life for herself. After graduating with honors from San Francisco State University with a degree in microbiology, Maria discovered she had a knack for the real estate business, which she embraced and succeeded in for decades to come. Along the way, she assisted her six sisters in their own journeys, was passionate about art, and reveled in the Sonoma landscape that was reminiscent of her childhood in Italy.

Maria left a generous bequest to Audubon, and it will fuel our work for years to come. We are also using her gift to inspire others to include us in their estate plans. Until December 2022, when you name Audubon or Audubon California in your will, living trust, or as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or financial account, we will release an amount from Maria’s gift for immediate use, equal to 10% of your bequest’s current value up to a maximum of $10,000. 

Click here for more details, or contact us today at 512-236-9076 or plannedgifts@audubon.org.

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