Sharing a love for birds and nature through art

Gallery owner and Audubon California donor, Bob Stevenson, is committed to spreading awareness about conserving wild places on Earth through art

Bob Stevenson may be a fledgling birder, but with 2 years of rapid learning about birds and their habitats under his belt, he is already eager to help the next generation and his community see why birds matter.  

As the visionary behind Flock, a nature-focused fine art & photography gallery in Tiburon, Bob connects the beauty of birds to the value of getting outdoors. Bob began birding with a close friend, Adam Donkin who helped him to identify the Red Winged Blackbird, which was the inspiration for the Flock logo. He quickly learned that the Red Winged Blackbird is fairly common in Marin and can occasionally be seen in spectacular murmurations. “Once you start seeing and identifying birds, you cannot unsee them,” is the way he describes how he now notices these birds everywhere with the informed, open eye of a birder. Bob intends to share this “secret” world of birding with the next generation by integrating tech solutions, education, and community building, all for the love of birds and nature.  

Bob began donating to Audubon California in 2015 at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary’s annual Supper Club event. While he supports the local scientific, conservation, and community work being done in by the Richardson Bay Audubon Center, he has also become well versed in Audubon’s conservation programs throughout the state.  Impressed by Audubon’s strong field conservation programs, fundraising, empathetic branding, and longevity as an organization, he has made Audubon California the primary organization that he supports.

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