Top 10 cutest California birds

We love ALL birds at Audubon California, but there are certain species that just have a certain adorableness about them. We surveyed our colleagues and this is our list of birds that make us go #SQUEE! If you're prepared to become a puddle of  awws, follow the list after the break

1) Western Snowy Plover

2) Killdeer

3) Bushtit

4) Pygmy Nuthatch

5) Chestnut-backed Chickadee

(Photo by Kevin Cole/USFWS)

6) Black Phoebe

(Photo by Will Elder/NPS)

7) Rufous Hummingbird

8) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

(Photo by Alan Vernon)

9) Northern Saw-whet Owl

(Photo by Brandon Lally)

10) Rudy-crowned Kinglet

(Photo by Dan Pancamo)

We sure you can think of more, tell us in the comments!

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