Results from today's Firstbird survey

Sorry we're getting these results out to you late, but here they are. We had about 150 reports come in today from all over California and beyond. Big thanks to everyone that took part. Check out the list below (Northern Mockingbird photo by Lee Karney/USFWS):

Acorn Woodpecker, Inland Mendocino County, 

Allen's hummingbird, hills above Hacienda Heights, 

Allen's hummingbird in So Cal 

American Crow, El Segundo, CA, 

American Crow, SF  backyard, A huge flock in the large tree

American Crow 

American Goldfinch, At our feeder, 

American Goldfinch, Backyard Napa thistle feeder, 

American Goldfinch, My back yard in Sherwood, OR, Have lots of them-like thistle in feeder

American Goldfinch - Male, Backyard, Aliso Viejo, CA, 

American Goldfinches having a party in my Rancho Cordova, CA birdbath!,

American Robin, West Warwick, RI, 

American Robin, Yellowstone National Park, WY, This one is sitting on a nest!

Anna’s Hummer was the first bird I saw, but I woke up to HEAR the all night Mockingbird. Usually sings for 12-15 hours straight. Campbell, CA.

Anna's Hummingbird, San Tan Valley, AZ, 

Anna's hummingbird, In my backyard in Newbury Park, CA, 

Anna's hummingbird, Backyard feeder., He's a regular.

Anna's Hummingbird, At our feeder (Orange County, CA), 

Anna's Hummingbird Chicks, in the nest by our pond in W. LA, 

Annas hummingbird in CA 

Anna's hummingbird, tree top, Simi Valley CA,

Ash-throated Flycatcher 

Baby robins, In the nest built atop a 10' step ladder, Heads up, beaks open, waiting for food!

Bewicks Wrens & Rufous-sided Towhee. Lake Forest, CA,

Black Oystercatcher, Little River Headlands, Mendocino County, with two chicks!

Black Oystercatcher (after the Western Gull),

Black Pheobe, Orange, CA 

Black Phoebe, Garden Grove, CA, calling in the front yard

Black Phoebe, Orange, CA, 

black phoebes busily getting food for their second brood this year, in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Blackbird, Roof tile, Camarillo Ca, He is there every morning :)

Black-headed grosbeak, Diamond Springs, CA, male with two fledglings

blue jay, yard, eating peanuts

blue jay, South San Jose, CA, he likes the chicken food scatered about

brown towhee, in my yard, the spotted & brown towhees feed here

buff orphington chicken, atascadero, CA, she's one of my girls!

Bushtit, Regional Parks Botanic Garden, 

Bushtits, house finches and mourning doves. Tustin, CA.,

buzzards in the woods near Abilene, TX, just before sunrise. Mourning dove was the first bird I heard.

California Quail, My backyard, Reno NV., Still waiting for quail babies!

California Quail, North of Exeter, CA, 

California towhee, Sebastopol, CA, 

California Towhee, Tiburon, still gathering nest material

California Towhee and House finch! 

California Towhee in the Oakland hills. Does it count that I heard a red-tailed hawk?

California Towhee!, Back Garden in Glendora, CA, Saw it's partner too.

California towhee! Love those guys. 

California Towhees. The ones that live in my yard in Petaluma.,

cardinals and downy wood peckers came to my windowsill feeder first thing this morning! Was still dark but they had some good munchies so I'm sure they just wanted to be the early birds lol

Cliff Swallow, San Jose, Seen on the walk to the office

Common Raven, Palm Springs CA, 

cooper's hawk, recent fledglings, excited when the parent came home with food. I just love that sound! Granada Hills CA

Cooper's Hawks (3 of them together!), West Los Angeles, 

Cooper's hawks, Hunters, WA 

Cowbird, Kansas City, KS., On front yard feeder.

Crow, Park across the street from my house, Smart crow; scavenging a Wendy's bag

Crow, San Francisco Sunset district, 

crow, a loud one  vacationing in Southern Colorado, IT WOKE ME UP!!!

crows, Outside my bedroom window, Better than an alarm clock!

Crows, Calabasas, CA, 

crows, crows, it is always crows, Livermore, send more interesting birds

Dark-eyed junco and a lesser goldfinch singing nearby.,

Downy Woodpeckers, Feeder, Mom feeding baby at the feeder

Ducks, four of them on my patio, they enjoy our apt complex.,

Finch - Santa Ana , ca 

Gambels' quail with chicks, Beatty NV 


Great Blue Heron in San Diego, CA 

Great Horned Owls...Kings Ransom Ranch California Foothills.,

homing pigeons flying 

hooded oriole, La Mesa, CA, 

Hooded Oriole and a Anna at the feeders.,

House finch, Los Osos, On nyijer sock

House finch, Los Osos, On nyjer sock

House Finch, Raymond, CA, 

House finch, At our feeder in Redondo Beach, Four birds at once.

House Finch - 6, Rodeo, Ca., Using my new bird feeder

House Finch - Kuna, Idaho 

House finch, Highland Park 

House finch, Rancho Mirage California 

House Finches, Mourning and EC Doves. At home this AM with the usual feeder suspects. Later today off to the White Mountains hoping for Clark's Nutcracker and such.

House sparrow, San Leandro, Ca, They are nesting under my eave.

Hummingbirds 2, Welches, Oregon on Mt. Hood, at the feeder

I'm in Nashville, TN and it was a robin. 

Kildeer with 3 babies NW of Corning .... Oh so cute!!!,

ladderback woodpecker, large oak in neighbors yard, not common in my part of town.

Lesser Finch At The Feeder And Ravens On The Way To Work... Love The Ravens!!!:):) Happy Friday!!!!

Mocking Bird, Long Beach, CA, 

mourning dove, Fair Oaks, CA, On utility line

mourning dove, Westhaven, CA, 

mourning dove, Tujunga, CA, 

mourning dove sitting on HIS nest in San Diego.,

mourning dove. 

Mourning doves! 

My bird Bluy. a pretty Parakeet 

northern flicker, crestline, ca., 

Nuttall's Woodpecker, Claremont, CA, Foraging in the backyard.

Nuttall's Woodpecker female, Walnut tree in my yard, Cottonwood Ca., 

Nuttall's Woody, Oak tree just off our third floor porch, Marauding Bushtits and Flutterbys!

Oriole, juvenile, cruisin' in to the feeder ♥ ♥ ♥,

Osprey was the first bird I saw here in Lyons Oregon. It was being scared away by a smaller bird.

Pigeon, Mission District, SF, 

Pine Siskins and American Goldfinch fill our sock seed feeder in cool, foggy Half Moon Bay.

Raven or Crow, not sure which it was, Huntington Beach, Ca, 

Raven, Commpn, San Francisco, 

Raven. San Pedro. 

Red-Crowned Parrot, Tustin, CA, 

Red-Shouldered Hawk, Carmichael, CA, A resident that nests in my yard

Ringed Turtle-dove, Templeton, CA, 

road runner 

Robin, Hoo Doo Valley, Idaho, 

robin, in my yard hopping around."? 

Robin, juvenile 

robin, patrolling our back lawn for breakfast. My indoor kitty Freckles let me know he was there by her excited chatter. :)

Rufous hummingbird,  , 

Rufous hummingbird, Tree behind house, 

Rufous Hummingbirds, Ora, 

Rufous sided Towhee, Oak woodland, Central Coast CA, 

Sacred Ibis on my front lawn in #uganda!,

Scrub jay, backyard on clothes line, heard it first

Scrub jay, Belmont, CA, 

Scrub jay, my backyard, Brought the youngsters out for view

Scrub Jay, Seaside CA, Heard him saying the feeder was empty

Scrub jay, My front steps, Harrassing the dogs

Scrub Jays, noisy playful 

Song sparrow, Cal. Towhees &  Finches., Villa Park, CA, 

sparrow ... usually first bird i see every morning. so, the second bird is a california towhee, more interesting, don't you think? los osos, ca

Sparrows, Yuba City,, Fussing at each other

Spotted towhee 

Spotted towhee and western mockingbird. Claremont, CA,

Stellar's Jay, Foresthill, usually the first bird every morning

Stellar's Jay, App. 1 mile SE of Blue Lake CA, 

Swifts doing mosquito dive-bombing runs, and driving my overly optimistic dog to distraction as he chases their shadows. Norco, CA

titmice in the grape vines in nothern Cali. 

Vultures, Newhall,CA, 

Western Blue Bird, Lincoln CA, 

Western Kingbird - Santee, CA 

Western screech owl, Sacramento, In redwoods on our lawn

Western Scrub Jay, Davis, CA, juvenile

Western Scrub JAy for me, its loud vocalizations woke me up here in northern CA,

Western Tanager 

wild turkey, Orinda, CA, two adults and 10 - 12 chicks

Wild turkey hen with 3 chicks 

Woodland CA  

Yellow beaked Magpies and a pair of Blue Jays.,

Young female Hairy Woodpecker, On a finch feeder!, She's still learning the ropes!

young oriole, but put out some orange halves and they are untouched. Also saw a scrub jay and the usual goldfinches

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