New bird species seen at Sonoma Creek Marsh

Wilson's Snipe Photo: shell game/Flickr creative commons

Yesterday was the first survey the Audubon team was able to do since construction ended at the Sonoma Creek Enhancement Project. In the marsh and along the newly formed channel during a high tide (>5’), the group counted:

  • 600 small shorebirds (Western/Least Sandpipers/Dunlin);
  • 117 Greater Yellowlegs;
  • 69 Willet;
  • 2 Long-billed Curlew;
  • 5 Black-bellied Plovers;
  • 1 Wilson’s Snipe. The Snipe was never seen in the marsh during surveys prior to construction.

Later during a ‘low’ tide, the group encountered smaller numbers of birds but spotted a rare Lesser Yellowlegs among a group of Greater Yellowlegs.

The group counted a couple of Northern Harriers scouting the area for meals, as well as a White-tailed Kite.

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