U.S. Senate passes 2018 Farm Bill with commitment to conservation

In a statement yesterday, The National Audubon Society praised the commitment to conservation in the 2018 Senate Farm Bill. The bill now moves to conference commitee where it will be reconciled with the House Farm Bill passed last week.  Audubon urges robust conservation in the final bill. 

“The Senate Farm Bill provides important tools to collaborate with producers on working landscapes to address bird habitat, water, and soil health needs,” said David O’Neill, Chief Conservation Officer for National Audubon Society. The National Audubon Society partners with private land managers on bird-friendly conservation strategies as part of the Working Lands Program.

The bill provides funding for the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) to bring together farm and conservation groups for mutually benedical collaborations, such as Audubon California's work to protect the Tricolored Blackbird which is now listed as a Threatened under the California Endangered Species Act.

Read Audubon's full statement here and learn more about why the Senate's 2018 Farm Bill is good for birds.

For more on the RCPP and Tricolored Blackbirds in California check out this story from earlier this year. 

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