Tree Swallow Boxes

Follow these tips to attract tree swallows to your property.

Tree Swallows are the perfect songbird to bring to your property via a bird box. They are beautiful in color and in flight and are very tolerant of humans. Aside from pest-management, they provide a great look into the lifecycle of birds. 

Site Selection

Tree Swallows enjoy open ranges near marsh and other wetland. Because the bird is such a social creature, you can cluster several boxes. Make sure that each box is roughly 100' apart from each other. 

Building Specifications

What to do when the box becomes occupied

Male Tree Swallows will arrive at the box to claim it as a nest cavity and compete against other males. They will guard their find using a nest advertising call. It is monotone chatter accompanied by wing flapping. It deters other males and attracts females as a female Tree Swallow will only choose a mate who has prime real estate. Nesting occurs from March - June. Swallows will provide their own grass and matted feathers to make their nests. Their clutches contain 2 - 8 eggs and are incubated for 14 - 16 days after the last egg's arrival. Avoid causing disturbances around the box during incubation. Tree Swallows are very territorial and will fiercly guard their young. They will perch at the cavity entrance and snap their bill and wings at anything seen as a threat. It takes 14 - 16 days for the young to fledge and after that the birds will stay in the nest for several more days until the babies can provide their own food.

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