Western Bluebird Boxes

Attract Western Bluebirds to your property by following our tips.

Perhaps one of the more striking birds to attract to your property, the Western Bluebird is a highly social creature. They are fun to watch swooping across a field on their hunt for insects and berries.

Site Selection

Bluebirds aren't too shy and your box can be placed as close as 6' away from your house. They prefer a sunny spot away from heavy vegetation. Make sure the entrance is facing away from strong winds. Bluebirds also avoid boxes that reside next to large bodies of water.

Building Specifications

  • Use aged red cedar if possible
  • Wood should be around 5/8" thick for insulation
  • Rough wood makes it easier for chicks to enter and exit
  • The floor-space should be 5" x 5"
  • The depth should be 8"
  • The entrance should be 1 1/2"
  • The entrance should stand 6" from the floor
  • It should stand 5" - 10" from the ground
  • Bluebirds will provide their own grasses, twigs and vegetation to make their nests
  • For complete plans, visit 50birds.com for drawings

What to do when the box becomes occupied

When a pair of mates choose your box for their nesting site, the female will begin gathering materials. She will bring various vegetation and fur to build the nest. This process can take up to two weeks to complete. She will then lay anywhere from 2 - 8 eggs that are then incubated for 12 -17 days, depending on how long it takes the young to fledge, the family will nest 18 - 25 days. Like other birds, it is best to avoid the area around the box during incubation to increase the brood's success.

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