Western Snowy Plover

Western Snowy Plover Materials

Useful brochures to raise awareness about Western Snowy Plovers

From rocky and rugged shores to coastal dune habitat, the diverse West Coast affords opportunities for a multitude of recreational activities. Balancing recreation and the protection of these sensitive habitats is key to preserving our shorelines and beaches.

The shores of California, Oregon, and Washington are managed by many different agencies and each beach has different rules and regulations. These recreation maps show what activities are allowed on certain beaches. You can use them to find out which beaches are friendly to dogs, which allow off-road recreation, etc.

Please follow the rules posted when visiting these beaches. Thank you for respecting your local beaches and the habitats and species who call the coast their home.

Clearly, maps like this don't exist for every shoreline that hosts Western Snowy Plovers, and thus these maps are good examples of outreach materials that you can produce for your beaches to encourage visitors to be responsible.


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