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Map of California Chapters & Legislative Boundaries

This map shows the territories of local Audubon chapters in California in relation to state assembly, state senate and federal congressional districts. You can use this map to find a chapter near you and to see which legislative districts fall in each chapter’s boundary. 

Audubon Grants

The grants listed below are administered by National Audubon or Audubon California.

Collaborative Funding Grant Program
The Collaborative Funding Grant Program is designed to support conservation projects (defined broadly to include education, community science, policy, habitat restoration) and ideally will provide an opportunity to engage your members and the public, to promote our shared mission, and to align national, state and chapter priorities. A maximum of $5,000 grants will be dispersed in 2019. For more information, contact your Chapter Network Manager.

Wimberly Wildlife Fund for Land Acquisition
Audubon California will disperse up to $100,000 per year to one or more chapters (actual amounts depend annually on the fund investments) grants to California Audubon Chapters to assist with land acquisition projects by the chapter or by a partner of the chapter such as a land trust. Grants will average $30,000 per chapters. These grants cannot be used for maintenance, support or the ongoing care of any sanctuary. Grant cycles will being each year on July 1st and continue until available funds are dispersed. For more information, see grant application and email Andrea Jones, Director of Bird Conservation.

Audubon Works

Audubon Works is a place for you and all of Audubon's staff, chapter leaders, volunteers, and activists to come together to share ideas, experiences, best practices, and information. It includes discussion groups, a searchable resource library, an Audubon-wide event calendar, and a platform to create petitions.

Join the conversation in the State Chapter Group: California Chapters - a separate group for California chapter leaders to share ideas and content. Have an issue you're working on, comment letters to share, or questions to ask? Need advice on a chapter related issues? A new successful project design? Start a new thread in the California Chapters Group and get the conversation started!

Logging In
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Birding Trail Maps

We would like to offer our help in creating online birding trail maps for any interested chapters. These maps can be a great way for people to "virtually visit" an area, and it could help your chapter get the public excited about birds in your region. 

An example map is the San Joaquin Birding Trail map.  

We have developed a template for you to use. We ask that you please provide the content in this template and our GIS gurus will create the online map and show your webmaster how to display it on your website. The "README" tab has information on using the template, the second tab has the template itself, and the third tab is an example template. The example corresponds to the first few birding sites in the San Joaquin Birding Trail example map. 

The basic cost, assuming your chapter provides the content using the template, is $750. Extra costs will be incurred if your chapter would like to incorporate any add-ons into your map. These are described in the "README" tab of the attached file. 

Locating Chapter Resources

Looking for information no longer posted on the Audubon California website? Resource materials and topics of primary interest to Audubon Chapter leaders and staff are now posted on the internal website Audubon Works. If you don’t have access to Works, we will be glad to help you find what you are looking for. Contact Desiree Loggins, Network Action Manager for the Pacific and Central Flyway, for assistance accessing Works and finding resources.  

You can also learn more through the National Audubon Society's page on Audubon Chapters

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