Caspian Tern at the Salton Sea Photo: Bob McKernan, Oasis Bird Observatory


October 26, 2022

SALTON SEA, Calif.— In response to comments by Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) regarding Colorado River negotiations and federal funding of remediation projects at California’s Salton Sea, the Salton Sea Partnership (Alianza of Coachella Valley, Audubon California, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, Pacific Institute and Sierra Club) issued the following statement:

“The criticism that individual basin states  have not done enough to contribute to preserving Colorado River water supplies may be valid, but one thing is clear: the communities and wildlife of the Salton Sea, who face serious health, economic, and environmental consequences, cannot be treated as a sacrifice zone or political bargaining chip through these negotiations. California’s largest lake is shrinking rapidly, threatening the health of some 650,000 people living in the region and imperiling the long-term survival of the estimated 400 migratory bird species that depend on the Sea as a vital stopover on their annual migrations. State and federal leaders must fulfill their responsibilities to address this crisis in an equitable and sustainable manner, and not leave behind the Salton Sea and other communities and vital ecosystems across the West that face the increasingly devastating impacts of climate change.”

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Jason Howe,; 415-595-9245

About the Salton Sea Partnership
The Salton Sea Partnership is a group of policy, community and environmental non-profit organizations working with government agencies towards a healthy, vibrant Salton Sea.

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